Photography: Mari Onette

Hey kids! So, I’ve had this idea for a while and it finally came to fruition this weekend. I asked a friend of mine, the gorgeous Marianna to let me turn her into a marionette. Funny since we call her Mari.

Imagine this is the moment right after “Pinocchio” (Mari) becomes real. This was my first attempt at making a human look like a doll that imitates life and this doll or marionette does it so convincingly that you forget that she is suppose to be an imitation and she becomes real.

This shoot was also a lot about the location. I choose the back entrance of The Frist Center because it has this excellent geometric look to it. I wanted the background to act as a prop and to be a direct correlation to the fact that this marionette was just as cold and hard as the place  where she was placed. It also gave me the opportunity to create layers within the frame of the photograph. It was too much fun and not bad for a first attempt. I will definitely do this one again!