A little about me!

I’m a Nashville native with an affinity for art, planning, entertaining and design. I love what I do and when work doesn’t feel like work, you know you found the right job.

The Lauren Basics:

I love entertaining like I love air
I have a healthy obsession of stars
I like to make things with my hands
I love finding interesting dish-ware, like antique tea cups and tea pots
I carry my sketch book EVERYWHERE I go
I can’t go 15 minutes without taking a photo
My kids are two monochromatic cats. One Black, Katinka. One White, Hassie Haynes.
I love to cook and I often bake for no reason at all
I smile all the time ;oD
I doodle in the margins of EVERYTHING
I love my family more then anything
I have two rooms full of art supplies I can’t seem to get rid of, I might need electric blue tulle one day, right?



What a huge question! Why do I do what I do?

I do it because I love it. True Love! It began with art and after years of trying to fit my talents and hobbies into a specific box, I realized my artistically creative journey lead me to this exact point for a reason. I’ve learned all of this so-called random stuff  so that I could put it all together and offer it to you. From photography in high school throughout college into art history then to graphic design in grad-“ish” school, I’ve maintained my relationship with art for going on close to 15 years. I’ve got a unique set of skills I think make event design and planning truly a new experience.

Not to mention love. I am a true believer in LOVE. Plain and simple, love drives everything I do! Love for what I do, love for every new relationship I make and the love of seeing the happiness on my client’s faces at the finished product. I live for it and attempt to go above and beyond to ensure the complete satisfaction of my customers and their loved ones. It’s all about the love!