Photography: Courthouse I Do’s of Jordan & Laura

Hey there folks!

Hass & Patch are attum again. We’re back in that ole photography saddle and its good to have a camera in my hands again!

Today I’d like to share a mini shoot I did for a friend of mine!

Laura and Jordan decided to do a little something different with their wedding and did it in two parts. The first was a civil ceremony at the courthouse downtown Nashville and the second was on the beach in Florida.

Laura brought me on to snap a few shots of them at the courthouse and it was fantastic! It was a little rainy but I’ve always heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck and thankfully for me the gray sky provided a natural filter!

I can’t say enough about these two! Their love is effortless and I had more fun watching them be in love then shooting the photos honestly. It’s such a delight when you meet two people who are truly perfect together and I not only saw it in their faces but their mother’s faces as well. It was beautiful.

Congrats to you both and thank you for letting me and Jamie be a part of your day!